My name is Chris, I’m a freelance web developer / designer currently working under the branded name Resovere. I have 3+ years of industry experience, previously working as manager of web and mobile development at a digital advertising agency in Tampa, Florida.

Personally, I enjoy putting creativity, art, and aesthetic into the websites I produce, so I attempt to do so for every client site I manage. At the same time, I realize that learning the required skills to make web development work interesting is extremely time consuming, and there aren’t that many free resources out there that provide a thorough education. As a result, I created Chris Courses, a YouTube education channel whose purpose is to provide equal learning opportunity for all developers around the world, no matter their upbringing, skill level, or financial status.

At some point in my life, I’d like to take development to the next level to produce visual infused music videos, meaning that the user can interact directly with the content being displayed within a video. A good example of this is ro.me by Chris Black. I’d also like to get into the field of engineering and robotics to better understand how to create time saving creations—I’m sick of tracking calories manually, and I’m sick of repetitive household chores such as laundry, dishes, and vacuuming. These are all things I believe I should be automated (vacuuming is on its way there with Roomba), and I’d love to take a stab at creating these devices myself.

Hobby-wise, I enjoy producing music in which you can check out my janky SoundCloud beats here, weight lifting, reading, and of course, catching the latest Game of Thrones episodes during their brief stints of play time #backToTenEpisodesPlz.

Overall, I’m a very goal oriented person who is never happy unless I’m following some sort of path I’ve created for myself. Check out my list of current and completed goals beneath some additional resources you might want to check out below:

Current and Completed Goals

  • Launch a user based version of Chris Courses with ability for users to track progress
  • Reach 5000 YouTube Subscribers Completed:
  • Create a basic version of a new portfolio site Completed:
  • Finish a self set CodePen Challenge where you code something once every day or so for 30 days

Web Portfolio

Educational Resources